Branded Ticket Purchase Experience

Brand and sales ticketing funnel with a strong emphasis on enhancing the end-user experience, while driving revenue and building brand loyalty.


Enchant Labs specializes in creating optimized brand and sales ticketing funnels. They focus on enhancing the end-user experience while driving revenue and building brand loyalty. One of their key services is the Tickets Funnel, which streamlines the ticketing process and improves customer conversions and satisfaction.


Before working with us, Enchant Christmas struggled to create a seamless and efficient ticketing process for their guests. This resulted in low customer satisfaction and a decrease in revenue due to complicated checkout processes and poor user experience.


Our aim was to provide Enchant Christmas with a branded ticket purchase experience that would improve customer experience and increase revenue. Their goal was to optimize the ticketing funnel and create a streamlined process that would be easy for customers to use and will be the start of their journey toward making magical memories.


Enchant Labs worked with the stakeholders to create a customized ticketing funnel that included features such as a branded theme purchase experience, admission tickets with custom options, VIP upsell options, add-ons, and a calendar with pricing and arrival windows. We also incorporated a promotions flow with auto-applied promo codes, a separate add-on flow for add-on purchases only, and a funnel builder with select steps, themes, and copy editor.


Our work helped Enchant Christmas double its conversion rate and provided guests with an easy-to-use branded experience as a start to their magical journey with Enchant Christmas.

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