Santa Calls

Enchant's new app uses state-of-the-art technology to transform your face and voice into Santa, so you can make calls as the big man himself.


Enchant Christmas, known for hosting the world’s largest immersive holiday life experiences in North America, wanted to keep the spirit of Christmas and Santa alive even when all the in-person events were canceled through the power of technology, making his magic accessibleto homes around the world.


Enchant Labs was tasked to create a product that would offer an immersive, lifelike video call experience with Santa.

By pushing the latest facial tracking systems and 3D character technology available to us, we wanted the parents to be able to play the character of Santa and for the first time, children to be able to receive a video call, conversing with Santa in real-time. Through the Enchant app, Santa can be brought to life by anyone with a web camera using open communication platforms to create unforgettable experiences and magical memories that can be captured and shared.


Enchant Labs had several objectives for Santa Calls:


To achieve these objectives, Enchant Labs used cutting-edge technology, including facial tracking systems and 3D character technology. We developed an app that allowed users to select the type of Santa, voice, and environment they wanted. Once a user selected a friend to call, the app took over the video stream, with the user becoming Santa. The facial map, body movement, voice change and transcription were processed in real-time on the device, creating an immersive and lifelike experience.


Enchant Labs successfully launched Santa Calls, a new digital product that offered a unique and immersive video call experience with Santa. The product allowed Enchant Christmas to extend its brand, create new digital revenue streams, and develop new tech intellectual property. The app was well-received by users, and we plan to continue developing the technology to create an AI character that can become an everyday friend without human intervention.

Through its innovative use of cutting-edge technology, Enchant Labs has created an unforgettable Christmas experience for people around the world, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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