Ticketing Operations

Highly intuitive and scalable system for configuring backend events, which includes a feature-rich ticketing platform.


Enchant Christmas is a highly anticipated annual event that draws in millions of guests to its events across the US. Enchant Labs was tasked with providing comprehensive on-site ticketing services for the event, including sales, activations, and all guest service needs. The main objective was to ensure that the ticketing operations ran seamlessly to provide guests with a hassle-free experience.


The previous year's event experienced some hiccups in the ticketing operations, resulting in long lines and delays for guests. Enchant Christmas was also concerned about the costs of staffing and managing the box offices and guest service stations, as well as ensuring COVID safety protocols were in place.


Enchant Labs' objectives were to streamline the ticketing operations, improve guest flows, and cut down on costs. The team aimed to sell 25,000 admission tickets and generate $0.5m in revenue per location onsite, while also implementing cashless payments and creating COVID-safe processes.


Enchant Labs worked closely with the client's operations, production, and marketing departments to understand their needs and create a comprehensive plan. The team provided training and onboarding for box office staff and guest services, as well as set up point-of-sale booths for additional upselling opportunities. They also provided and managed a suite of hardware for on-site ticketing operations, including advanced point-of-sale systems, scanning apps, and handheld scanners.

To ensure that the ticketing operations were running smoothly, Enchant Labs created processes and protocols for onsite ticketing operations and provided staff training on ticketing hardware and operations. They also offered remote troubleshooting support during the event and oversight for hardware audit and storage.


Enchant Labs' efforts led to a successful event with streamlined ticketing operations, improved guest flows, and reduced costs. The team sold 1.2 million GA tickets, 200,000 skating tickets, and 33,000 VIP upgrades. The event also generated the target revenue of $0.5m per location onsite.

The implementation of cashless payments and COVID-safe processes ensured the safety of guests and staff. The training and onboarding of box office staff and guest services led to a hassle-free experience for guests. Enchant Labs' hardware suite also met the highest standards of reliability and functionality, providing a seamless ticketing experience.

Overall, Enchant Labs' ticketing operations for Enchant Christmas demonstrated their expertise in creating and managing successful ticketing experiences for large-scale events.

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